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Field.Work is for anyone who works far from home.

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Welcome to Field.Work!

Field.Work was born from the idea that we can all be better prepared for working in challenging environments. That means the best available knowledge and quality equipment designed for fieldwork. We want to be able to make better-informed decisions when it comes to our own safety and security, and we want to have the right equipment to keep us safe and comfortable when we are far from home.

We are the field workers: development works,  aid workers, researchers, international journalists, travel photographers and digital nomads. We sleep wherever we are working away from home or travelling for weeks on end to get our jobs done.

Field.Work/BUILT – is our brand. It’s also our in-house studio from where we develop projects by project-specific selected teams. It is where we design, develop, and test. It’s also the place where we let loose our 20 years of lessons, frustrations, and compromise.

Field.Work/SAFE – Is our Safety and Security venture. It’s where our safety related products and online courses will be available to you and B2B customers directly.

Field.Work/JOURNAL – Is an online Journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of both our and your fieldwork and expeditions. The intent of Field.Work/Journal is to capture the experiences and the emotion of conducting fieldwork throughout the world and share them with our fellow practitioners.

Welcome again to Field.Work —  Go Far! Go Safe!


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This is me (…back in 1995)

I’m Jordon Kuschminder, the founder of Field.Work and its parent company, Independent SP. My career as a fieldworker started when I was sent as an undergraduate student to Argentina for a year to work on projects across Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and in the high Andes. Fieldwork has been a constant for me ever since. I heard it said many times that fieldwork is getting less safe. What surprises me is the training (if even available) for students and early professionals regarding safety in the field. Quite simply, it remains questionable in quality and worryingly patch-work in content – and that’s why we have developed Field.Work/SAFE

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